21 June 2010

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I have been frequently asked the same question: whether I would ever get bored from taking wedding photography because everything seems to be repeating and repeating in an endless cycle. Would I? The simple answer is never. In fact I am always excited and I just love doing it!

To me, it is always an interesting story when photography meets
wedding. Yes, it may always the repetition of the same sequences in every wedding: make-up, gate crash, tea-ceremony, church ceremony, wedding reception, dinner reception and so forth. But when a sequence meets different pair of individuals, it transforms to a journal of two souls becoming one, it simply means - it is never the same for every couple and each of them is equally unique with their story to be unfold in their journal.

Unless, you prefer the typical standard posed photos of your lifetime moments to be kept in your life album.

My photography philosophy is simple: capture the real moments and tell the story through the photographs. Being able to be part of many couples' moment in their 'most-important-day-that belongs-to-us', is a blessing and I am grateful to able to join them and journal the real moments in an enchanted and beautiful artistry way and sometimes... some unexpected moments :)